Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Stage Designs



These photos shown above are ones that we had put in a model box. Firstly I had researched images on the theme “1950’s New York”. I had then printed and cut the images, and then I had stuck the images on poly tile to make it 3D, and just laid it out on the model box on how it would look on the real stage.


These are some of the pictures used in the model box.

The first picture is an image of the "Mushnik Florist" sign that we had to make. We decided as a group to try this sign, but we didn't end up actually choosing it for the final piece, because it was the wrong colours - it had to be brighter so can stand out, as it was too dark. The second image above is the final design that we had chosen as we had tried out different idea for the Mushnik florist idea again and then we ended up choosing this one because it was more visual and can see it better on stage as it’s more noticeable for the audience and the people at the back of the hall.

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