Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Designing and Building of the plant




These are different images from the start of the making of the plant. The Photos above are us making of the leaves for the bottom of the plant. On the photo above is me painting the top of the plant’s mouth green. The other images included the making of flowers for the florist scene. For this we had used pieces of metal and different coloured tissue paper. It also includes the making of the wall. This was done on to a large piece of paper with brown paint and a sponge.

I had planned out the props for the stage by making the same thing but miniature to see how it would come out if I made it bigger. I had also measure a proper size for the plant because it has to be big enough for the audience to see but not big that it take up the whole stage. We had to consider appropriate colours for everything for the plant, flowers, and the wall. The important thing I had also considered is the suitable materials for everything. We had to build everything from scratch.


These pictures above are the images of us planning for the making of the plant.

The two images below are examples of the final product on stage at the production.


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