Wednesday, 5 January 2011


We had attracted the audience by making posters to come to the “Little Shop of Horrors” Production. We had included things such as the date, time and where it is. The target audience was Heston Community School students.

The audience feedback was: -

     “The big plant was scary; did it really eat that man?” (George 5 yrs)
     The show was amazing! It was really lively and colourful.” (Anisha 14 yrs)
     “It was very professional looking for a student production. The lighting and sets made it look very convincing” Mrs. Bansal (Mum 39)
     “The props and background were impressive, especially the giant plant and how it got bigger and bigger in each scene, that was the best bit. It really looked like it was eating people” Mr. Edwards (Teacher 59)
     “There were some scary parts and the songs were very good” (Faizan 16 yrs)
     “I wish I had known it was gonna be that good, I would have auditioned for a part. It felt like a professional musical” (Amrit 13 yrs)

     Personally I think the play was really good. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and really get into it and even join in with the singing. Also I think the production was appropriate for teenage students.

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