Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Publishing The Event

This was the Final Idea for the “Little Shop of Horrors” Poster. I had done this with a group. I had researched different “Little Shop of Horrors” Posters on the internet and came to a conclusion of the final idea.

I had researched different “Little Shop of Horrors” posters and analysed the titles and the images used on these posters. Finally the leaflet above became the final idea for the poster that will go around school. We had chosen this final idea due to the bright colours and eye catching text and image, this is important because the target audiences are teenage Students, so I thought it would look nicer. We had been careful of the legal considerations such as the copyright issue.

This is one of the posters that we had planned to use as our final idea, but it isn’t the final idea because we didn’t like the layout , colours and it doesn’t look to attractive for teenage students.

After a lot of planning and researching I finally came up with this idea of a poster. I liked this one because the blood drips from the title and give a sight into how the production is going to be like. The plant opening its mouth at the front of the poster shows it might eat something/someone.

It’s very useful to have information so the details for the event are at the bottom of the poster e.g. venue, time, date.

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