Thursday, 25 November 2010

1950's New York Mood-Board and Evaluation On It

We had watched the film "Little Shop of Horrors". I then had gained information about the film and saw how the layout of the set is. This then helped me when we had to print out images for my "1950's Mood board".
A mood board is for visual research which represents a theme that you want to show. In the search engines, any criteria required can be simply searched, whether it is an image or a page of interest, or a theme or mood.
One of the most common search engines also known as Google. When rummaging through images, some images appear to be distorted of a poor quality. Generally, the best size of printing out any image without blurring is 300×250 jpg.              
You can access the WebPages for free and don’t necessarily need to pay for the usage; in other words you don’t have to pay royalties or download fees. Some of the examples can be and The keywords that were appropriate for this theme is 1950’s New York Backstreet.
The mood board helped me design the set because I had selected and edited appropriate images to go on my mood board. We had chosen 1950’s New York pictures from my mood board and we used these visual influences to tell us what kind of detailed colours, textures, and period details to use on the set design.

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