Thursday, 5 May 2011

Health and Safety Precautions

Pre – Production

use of power tools
Wear safe clothing/ goggles
cutting equipment
 Use cutting mats, cut away from bodies and don’t carry open knives around
use of paint and glue
Use water based
heavy lifting
Work in groups and bend knees not back
careful of slippery exterior
Clean it before and be careful
The plant
Make sure it’s safe and no sharp bits are sticking out. The plant is completely finished in order to be safe. The guy inside the plant should have plenty of water and air to breath because it can get hot in there.
Use suitable materials
check out fire ret ardency and rules for particular venue


Stage blackout
Tripping/ colliding/ falling – use of torches and communication, All scenery positions clearly marked on the floor
Height hazard and falling of stage
Clear announcements to cast/crew
Scene changes
Pulling curtain during blackouts. Moving scenery properly. All crew have their own well rehearsed job roles so they would know what they’re doing and wouldn’t be muddled around on stage for no reason.
Crowd control
Controlled ticket sales and leaflet sales at the door also staff on the door to make sure no-one without a ticket gets in.
Seating plan
Find out the limit of the venue by researching the venue. Tell staff where they’re being seated.
Fire extinguisher and clear signs and exits, understandable announcement and usual fire precautions.
Props being misused/lost
Keep props (inc. weaponry) on specific tables by keeping log book under control of manager, and charts.

This website is useful for looking at Health and Safety regulation and problem solving,

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